About us

Who we are


We are a Christian organization with a mission to serve the Christian community with good evangelical literature and training programs. We are passionate about people knowing the lord Jesus and living for his glory. Each member of our staff team shares this conviction as it is part of the requirement for working with us. We also partner with churches that value training and discipleship and so we take joy in networking with local churches that are passionate about Christ-centred gospel ministry.


What we do

Aware of the various bookshop companies serving the body of Christ in Ghana, our passion is to see this more widespread in the country. Redeemer Christian Books seeks to join in this chain of serving the Christian community with top class evangelical books. We want to encourage people to deepen their understanding of God and his word as we seek to walk with him. Hence, we offer books at the most convenient and affordable prize. In addition, we also take the interest of equipping people for the task of ministry and so we offer training programs of many kinds and workshops. Our aim basically, is to empower the church towards this gospel mandate of making disciple-makers of the Lord Jesus. This is the vision that drives all our actions and decisions.


We exist to serve the entire body of Christ with top class evangelical books to the Christian community in Ghana. In addition, we also offer training programs and workshops as part of our mission of empowering people for ministry in their wider contexts.


Our vision is ultimately to see Christians grow and churches gain easy access to good Christian literature. As a result, we envision to spread as widely as possible, the entire regions of Ghana with good Christian literature and training programs.


Given the scope of our vision, we employ as diverse channels of distribution as possible in seeking to serve the Christian body in our regions. Hence, we heavily rely on online marketing platform to reach out to the wider market. In addition, we also employ the normal traditional conventions of direct selling at retail and wholesale centres to get our books across. As well as these, we also mount book stands at churches and at programs.