Lies, Lies, and More Lies

LIES, LIES, and MORE LIES is an effort to address ultimate questions of truth and falsehood in a biblical, comprehensive, antithetical, and yet very practical way. Truth is more than words. Truth is embodied in Jesus Christ, who is the origin and ultimate standard of it. Falsehood is distortion of God’s truth and can be found everywhere. We must confront it. We must equip our children to identify and to resist it. Norman De Jong has been an educator since 1958 and a pastor since 1993. He received a Ph.D. in Educational Philosophy from the University of Iowa in 1972. His dissertation focused on the relationship between “democracy” and the Kingdom of God. Dr. De Jong has served churches and schools in Australia, Cyprus, Kenya, Newfoundland, South Africa, and the United States. The antithetical relationship between truth and falsehood has been of concern to him since becoming a teacher. Dedicated to a study of God’s most Holy Word, he has been testing ideas to see if they come from God or have been distorted by the devil. Dr. De Jong has been married for 50+ years and has been blessed with three children and thirteen grandchildren. It is his desire that they learn the truth and reject falsehood. Norman De Jong tells it like it is. But in this book he does something far more important and helpful than merely sorting out the truth-tellers from the liars. He gives the reader tools for making those distinctions on his own. He shows the reader how to develop both an objective and an intuitive sense for knowing whether the truth is being told in any given situation. That is a profound and critical gift in this relativistic age. JOEL BELZ, Founder, World Magazine.


“The author’s desire is to deal with ‘devilish distortions in every conceivable setting that he has experienced. He directs comments sometimes to pastors and at other times to educators or parents….The author provides many examples of ‘devilish deceptions’ promoted by pastors, false religions, teachers, and politicians. PP. 119-131 provide excellent material dealing with the deceptions of evolution and global warming. The second part of the book concerns Christian education. Here the author is at his bestt. It is a gem!” New Horizons in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Jan., 2010, p. 23 –New Horizons, Jan. 2010, p. 23

About the Author

Dr. Norman De Jong was born into a Christian home in 1935 and has been raised in Christian schools and colleges. He earned a Masters degree in Recent American History from the Univ. of Iowa in 1958 and a Ph.D. in Educational Philosophy from the Univ. of Iowa in 1972. He is the author of 8 books and numerous inductive Bible studies. He can be reached via his web page.

Paperback: 236 pages
Publisher: Xulon Press; First edition (February 23, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1607913275
ISBN-13: 978-1607913276

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