My wife and I recently had the privilege of attending Verdi’s Requim, performed by the Grand Rapids Symphony, at De Vos Hall in Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you have never read or listened to Verdi’s Requim, we would encourage you to do so soon. The performance in many ways was a masterful, majestic display of talent. The Symphony Chorus was comprised of 180 singers, while the symphony had almost 100 participants. Tremendous talent was on display throughout the evening, but, more importantly, was the Biblical message. The Requim could be described as a funeral dirge, but that would not do it justice. Better said, the Requim is an awe-inspiring message from the book of Revelation. It is a call to repentance because “The Day of Wrath” is coming. As one reads through Revelation 15 to the end of the book, one is struck by the many demonstrations of God’s wrath against sin. The seven angels of the Lord not only send plagues upon the earth, but they also pour out seven bowls of the wrath of God. The divine intent is to force them to repent, but those affected refuse to repent and, instead, curse God for sending them well-deserved punishments. As the performance inched its way forward, the 180 member chorus repeatedly burst forth with reminders that “the Day of Wrath has come!” You and I would do well to heed that call. If you can’t find tickets for The Requim, begin by studying the book of Revelation. I offer Leader’s Manual and Study Guides in the catalog below. November 21, 2017