Are “democracy” and the Kingdom of God compatible?

For the better part of a century we have been scammed by the public schools of our land.  State=sponsored public schools have been telling us that their primary job is to “produce democratic citizens.”  I call that a “scam” because our form of government is and always has been a “republic” and not a “democracy.”  Today, that presents us with an uphill battle.  So many persons (90%) have and are being trained by those public schools that those persons now insist that we live in “a democracy.”  When someone like myself tries to point out the error and the implications of that, the response is one of incredulity.

We, as Christians, have added reasons for concern.  We have professed loud and long that Jesus Christ is Triumphant King and that He is our Lord.  He rules not only us, but the nations, as the Word explains in Revelation 19:14-16.  Scripture teaches us that His Kindom covers all the world that He has created, including the United States, where we live.  Therefore, we live in His Kingdom and obey His rules.  He is our Lord and we belong to Him.  He is Sovereign Lord and Supreme Ruler.  How can we then accept the idea that we are the sovereigns, and that we make the rules.  That is what the proponents of “democracy” repeatedly and loudly proclaim.  The only logical conclusion that we can reach is that “democracy” and “The Kingdom” are incompatible and contradictory.  That is the conclusion I reached many decades ago when I completed my Ph.D. dissertation at the University of Iowa.  Most recently I expressed those ideas in a book entitled When Democracy Comes to Church: The Intersection of Theology and Politics.  You can find it in my listing of books.