Does God love everyone?

My wife and I recently sat through an event where we were told, “God loves everyone!”  The people making that claim were professing Christians.  They were not being facetious.  They were not trying to provoke a debate.  They were serious!  That set me to wondering:  Is that what the Bible teaches?  Is that what the Word means when it says that God is love?  The epistles of John are all about the love of God, but that same author speaks about “the wrath of God” no less than 13 times in the book of Revelation!  Is the apostle being contradictory?  Did he change his mind and his tune when he was made a prisoner on the island of Patmos?

If God loves everyone, did He love all the people of Sodom and Gomorrah?  Did God love all the pagan, idol-worshiping tribes in the land of Canaan that He told Joshua to have put to death? Does God love the Muslims who behead Christians simply because they revere Jesus Christ?  Does God love the abortionists who murder infants in their mother’s wombs?  Does God love those who mock Him and then brag about their hatred of Him?  Did God love Esau?

After much reflection, I have to conclude that God hates sin and sinners, but He loves saints!  That may sound radical, but I believe that is what God teaches us in His Word.  Check it out!