Daniel:Visions From the Sovereign




The book of Daniel is one of the most exciting, significant books in the Old Testament.  It has long been a favorite of the younger set, especially because of stories about Daniel in the lions’ den.  It also chronicles the lives of Daniel and his three friends during the captivity in Babylon.  Overall, it is a beautiful demonstration of the Sovereignty of God.  God is the primary actor throughout, planting dreams in King Nebuchadnezzar’s head, transforming him from a violent, irrational tyrant to a humble ambassador for God.  Theophanies of Jesus Christ abound, starting with the stone cut out of the mountain, not by human hands, and followed by the fourth person in the fiery furnace.  A theophany is a picture of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament, not in the same incarnate form that He took on when He was born in the flesh, but in a recognizable, spiritual form that allows the reader to recognize that the picture (the theophany) is none other than Jesus Christ.

This is a Leader’s Manual, comprising 13 inductive lessons.  Redeemer Books also provides Study Guides for those who wish to organize a group study  Such can be ordered from Redeemer Books (616)-862-2821.  The Study Guides are inductive sets of readings and questions designed to give the student a clear understanding of what the Biblical text is communicating.

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