May 8, 2017


Home address: 6527 Leisure Creek Drive, Caledonia, MI 49316
Ph.616-541-7084 cell ph. (616) 862-2821
E- mail address:

EMPLOYMENT (most recent)
Interim Pastor: The Reformed Church of Hastings, New Zealand, August to November, 2014.
Interim Pastor: The Reformed Church of Hastings, New Zealand, October 2012 to January, 2013.
Pastor Fremont Orth. Pres. Church, Fremont, MI. May, 2008-2011
(a new church plant for the OPC.)
Interim Pastor Lake Alfred Ministries, Haines City, Fl. January, 2007
Instructor MERF Training Center, Lokichoggio, Kenya Sept. to Dec., 2006
Interim Pastor, Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Natchitoches, LA
January to May, 2006
Interim Pastor Emmanuel United Reformed Church Jan. to March, 2005
Lemoore, California
Interim Pastor Gosnells Christian Reformed Church Jan. to July, 2004
Perth, Western Australia
Consultant Association of Christian Schools, Perth, Western Australia, Sept.
2003 to July 2004
Pastor, Mill Creek Orthodox Pres. Church March, 2001 to Sept. 2003
1313 Bristol Street, Grand Rapids, MI 49505
Interim Pastor Community Presbyterian Church, Newtown, CT. Oct. to Dec., 2003
Interim Pastor, Oak Hill Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Sonora, CA., Jan. –
April, 2000.
Interim Pastor, Providence Presbyterian Church, Austin, TX, Jan. – April, 1999
Interim Pastor, International Evangelical Church, Larnaca, Cyprus, Nov. – Dec.,
Pastor, Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Orland Park, Il. 60462, June,
1993 to September, 1998. (a new church plant.)

B. A. Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI. 1957
M. A. University of Iowa, 1958; American History
Ph. D. University of Iowa, 1972; Educational Foundations
Dissertation: “Boyd H. Bode: A Study of the Relationship
Between the Kingdom of God and Democracy”
Theological Certificate Mid-America Reformed Seminary, 1993

Additional Graduate Work:
Educational Administration at Montana State University, summers,
1961 & 1963.
Educational Administration and Philosophy at Michigan State
University, summers, 1964 & 65.


Teacher, Southwest Minn. Chr. High, 1958-60
Principal, Manhattan, Mont. Christian School, 1960-63.
Principal, Allendale (Mich.) Christian School, 1963-65
Dept. of Education, Dordt College, 1965-1974. I rose in rank from Instructor to
Associate Professor
Visiting Professor in Educational Philosophy, NUCS Summer Institutes, 1968 &
1969, Ontario, Canada
Visiting Professor in Educational Philosophy, Memorial University of
Newfoundland, Summer, 1973.
Principal, Artesia and Bellflower, (CA.) Christian Schools, 1974-1977.
Superintendent, Eastern Christian School Assoc., N. Haledon, N. J. 1977-79.
Professor of Education and Director of Teacher Education, Trinity Christian
College, Palos Heights, IL 1979-1992.
Visiting Professor in Educational Psychology, Calvin College, Summer, 1981.
Visiting Professor in Educational Philosophy, University of South Africa, Jan. to
April, 1990.
Guest Lecturer, Middle East Reformed Fellowship, Cyprus, April, 1990
Adjunct Faculty in Educational Philosophy, Covenant College, 1992 to 1994.
Pastor, Covenant OPC, Orland Park, IL. Aug. 1, 1993 to Aug. 31, 1998.
Instructor, Middle East Reformed Fellowship, Larnaca, Cyprus, Nov. to Dec.,
Visiting Professor, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Greenville,
S.C., 2000 to 2003

Vice President, MERF – USA, 1984 to Sept., 2013
Academic Standards Committee, Mid-America Ref. Seminary, 1995 to 2001.
Chairman, Education Committee, Mid-America Reformed Seminary, 1999 to
Board of Trustees, Mid- America Reformed Seminary, 1998 -2004
Consultant to the Association for Christian Schools, Perth, Western Australia,
Sept., 2003 to July, 2004
Visiting Lecturer, National Institute for Christian Education, Canberra, Australia,
January, 2004.
Consultant, Christian Institute for Tertiary Education, Melbourne, Victoria, Au.,


The Cross and the Double-Edged Sword, Xulon Press, 2017
When Democracy Comes to Church, Redeemer Books, 2015.
Lies, Lies, and More Lies: Waging War With Satan, Xulon Press, 2009
Teaching For a Change: A Transformational Approach to Education,
Presbyterian and Reformed Pub. Co., Nutley, N. J. 2001.
Education in the Truth, Presbyterian and Reformed Pub. Co., Nutley,
N.J., 1969; Sixth printing, 2005.
Philosophy of Education: A Christian Approach, Pres. & Ref. Pub. Co.,
* Christianity Vs. Democracy, The Craig Press, Nutley, N.J. 1978.
* Separation of Church and State: The Myth Revisited, in collaboration
with Jack Van Der Slik, Paideia Press, St. Catherines, ONT., 1984;
reprinted 2006.
Editor, Christian Approaches to Learning Theory: A Symposium,
University Press of America, 1984.
Editor, Christian Approaches to Learning Theory, Vol. II, The Nature of
the Learner, Univ. Press of America, 1985.
Editor, Christian Approaches to Learning Theory, Vol. III, Freedom and
Discipline, Univ. Press of America, 1987.
* God’s Wedding Band: Reflections on the Creation – Evolution
Controversy, Redeemer Books, Winamac, IN. 1989.
• These books are available through the PCA Bookstore in Atlanta,, Barnes and Noble, or through the author at his home address.

(a two volume inductive Bible study of the book of Revelation), 2012.
I & II THESSALONIANS, Preaching Predestination to New
Converts, A twelve lesson inductive Bible study, 2007
JOSHUA, Vol. I, Entering the Promised Land, ( a 13 lesson inductive
Bible study of Joshua 1 – 8). 1997
JOSHUA, Vol. II, Possessing the Promised Land, ( a 13 lesson
inductive Bible study of Joshua 9-24). 1998
DANIEL: Visions from the Sovereign. A thirteen lesson inductive study of the book of Daniel. 1998
BETWEEN ME AND YOU: Studies in God’s Covenant. A thirteen
lessen inductive Bible study. 1999
EZRA: THE RETURN FROM EXILE: A thirteen lesson study of the
book of Ezra. 2001
Theology. A seven lesson program in the basic teachings of Calvinism. 1999

“Equality: A False Standard,” Pro Rege, Vol. XLIV, Number 3, March,
2016, pp. 1-6.
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Feb. / Mar. 1984, pp. 14-17.
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“Separation of Church and State: Historical Reality or Judicial Myth?”
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“There Where It Is We do not Need the Wall,” Fides et Historia, Vol.
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“The First Amendment: A Comparison of Nineteenth and Twentieth
Century Supreme Court Interpretations”, Journal of Political Science, Vol. XVI, No. 1 & 2, Spring, 1988, pp. 59-69.
“The Intersection of Politics and Theology,” a series of 11 articles in Christian Renewal, from Sept 11, 2013 to May 7, 2014. This is an ongoing study of the historical relationship between Democracy and Kingdom theology.
Others, in sundry places, too numerous to mention.