About us

Who we are!

We are a Christian organization with a mission to serve the Christian community in Ghana, the rest of Africa, and the world. We are passionate about people knowing the lord Jesus, living for his glory, and helping others know him. We also partner with churches that wish to prioritize training and discipleship and children’s ministry.


What we do

Aware of the various bookshop companies serving the body of Christ in Ghana, our passion is to see this more widely in the country and beyond. Redeemer Christian Books seeks to join in this chain of serving the wider Christian community with top-class evangelical books. Our aim is to encourage, support and deepen people’s understanding of God, his word and faithfully living for his glory. With this in mind, we offer supports in the form of fairly prized good evangelical books, training and equipping programs and workshops. We aim to empower the church through good Christian literature, all aimed towards the gospel mandate of making disciple-makers for the Lord Jesus Christ.


We exist to supply the body of Christ with biblically faithful Christian books for adults and children. In addition, we also offer other support programs such as training in service to the collective efforts of making disciple-makers for the Lord Jesus.


Our vision is to see Christians grow and churches gain easy access to biblically sound, contextually relevant, and easily accessible and affordable Christian literature across Ghana and beyond.



We employ diverse channels of distribution. All our books could be directly ordered online using either debit/credit card or mobile money. Direct purchases are also available at all the major Christian bookshops in Ghana. We also use book stands sales at various Christian events across the country.

Who is involved?

We are a team of four: Augustine Kusi-Appiah, Samuel Boateng, Portia Konadu Yiadom, and Nicolas Amoako.

Augustine is just finishing his training at the Cornhill Training Course in June. Augustine had already obtained theological Training at George Whitefield College, Cape Town, South Africa. His passion is to train and disciple young people and students on campuses. He serves at Redeemer City Church in Accra.

Samuel Boateng is the head pastor of Redeemer City Church, Accra. Alongside his church duties, Samuel has been involved in training pastors and lay leaders across West Africa.

Portia finished the Cornhill Training Course a while back and serves in Ghana as a women’s worker for Relite Africa Ministry and disciple students at the University of Ghana campus. She serves at Legon Interdenominational church, the campus church. Portia had also done the St. Helen’s Apprentice Scheme and serves at Crossway Stratford when abroad.

Nicolas is a Christian who loves the lord and wants to see people grow in Christian maturity. Nicolas specialized in software development at ITMO, Russia, and works with online companies from Ghana. He serves on the team as an expert on our online marketing platform.


When is it going to start? 

The vision is to start sales in September 2021. We have had our certificate of registration granted, waiting to receive our certificate of commencement.

Visit our website at: http://www.redeemerbooks.com


What Support do we need?  

We are just a small team pulling our own resources together to embark on this project. We would greatly value your consideration of supporting Redeemer Christian Books in Ghana. There are vast areas of need we might need support. But you may want to consider supporting us in these areas - Cost of books from the Good Book Company, Shipping cost, storage cost, internal carriage cost, foldable tables and chairs for bookstands,

Why the need for Redeemer Christian books?

The Christian literature market in Ghana is flooded with a vast array of books. However, the common denominator shared by the majority of bookshops are Study Bibles, reference books, and many Christian living books from authors in Pentecostal and charismatic backgrounds from across the world. This is beside the list of secular books on leadership and entrepreneurship. The prize of books authored by mainstream evangelicals is almost out of reach by many people.

Redeemer Christian books seek to fill up this gap. Our desire is to encourage a movement towards access to good evangelical books. We hope we can achieve this through our partnership with The Good Books Company in the supply of good evangelical books for the Christian community in our region.